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So, you are curious about our projects, right?

Yes, we know. You always wanted to try this type of experience. You tell yourself that you are young, that it will help improving your personal skills, your english, that it is a great opportunity to travel and to experience real culture out of the commercial and turistic routes. Well you are right, about everything. Here's a list of my favourite FAQ. If you still have some doubts just go on and email me.

I don't speak english, nor other foreign languages, is it a problem?


No, it is not a problem. Ofcourse it would be better if you spoke english, not for the project but for yourself (but that's another story and if you want to have my opinion just go on and email me, again)

I am 17 years old, can I join?

Yes. You can join if you are at least 13 and not older than 30.

How much does it cost? 

 This is how it works. the programme covers 100% of the food, lodging, activities expenses and it covers 70% of the travel expenses. There is a 30% left and we usually apply for local fundings to cover it so that you don't have to pay a cent.

I already joined a project and it was great, can I join again?


While selecting, I facilitate people who never joined. This doesn't mean that you will not join again. If your enthusiasm and your motivation are strong you can be selected again. 

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