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Vexillology is nowadays recognized as a documentary science, auxilliary of history.

Whitney Smith (a professional vexillologist and flag scholar) can be considered the father of modern vexillology. His tireless work and research inspired vexillologists all over the world, who then started to organize in national and local associations.

In 1969, FIAV (Fédération Internationale des Associations Vexillologiques) was founded and quickly became a reference institution in the field.

During 2013, the vexillological heritage accumulated by Whitney Smith (previously stored in the Flag Research Institute, founded by him), was relocated to the University of Texas in order to make it more accessible to researchers.

Italy can boast of two vexillological organizations: Bandiere Storiche ONLUS (founded in 2008) and CISV (Centro Italiano Studi Vessillologici, founded in 1972).

International vexillology websites

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