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II Conference on European Heraldry and Vexillology

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The "II Conference on European Heraldry and Vexillology” took place from the 4th to the 6th of September in Cieszyn (Poland), a very beautiful little town situated in the Silesian region and on the Olza river, the physical border between Poland and Czech Republic.

It was organized by the polish institution IHW, Instytut Heraldyczno-Weksylologiczn

The convention was hosted at the local university which for the occasion, was richly adorned with stemmas and flags.

Fifteen delegations joined this international meeting: Catalonia, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Georgia and Iraq.

Flavio Livio Marchetto, the president and vexillologist of the cultural no profit Italian organization Bandiere Storiche and member of the CISV (Centro Italiano Studi Vessillologici) presented the first part of his study about the medieval flags of the city of Milano where he illustrated both the medieval institution of the free municipality and the seigniory.

The very famous Polish-American vexilloligist and organizer of the convention Alfred Znamierowski, presented his research about the symbol of the christian cross from its first appearance in 316 a.C to the present time.

Pawel Dudziński, also a Polish vexilloligist, presented the first tranche of his study of the Raven (the crow), retracing history and legends; during the next European convention that will take place in two years, we will be delighted by the second part of this very interesting research.

During the 5th of September we had the chance to visit the library of Cieszyn, whose shelves host a rich collection of books from the XVI to the XIX century, including many unique pieces that we could browse to admire heraldic stems of Silesian region and Poland. These precious publications need to be handled with care, in fact, we had to wear gloves in order to avoid any damage.

Many researches were about civic Romanian heraldic, as Romania was the second biggest representation.

The young and talented Alexandru Dan Mandru, presented his research recurring to Hegel's philosophy. Other interesting works were presented by Tudor-Radu Tiron, who works at the office of the Romanian president and Attila-István Szekeres, who is a member of the Hungarian ethnic living in Transylvania.

Relators from Belarus, Georgia and Lithuania presented their civic heraldic and vexillology focusing on the modification of the past 25 years.

The large Polish representation, presented also a research by Dr.Krzysztof Guzek, a famous heraldist at the Scotland society and university professor. His work was about the flags of Poland's second republic.

The Czech-German expert Roman Klimeš, conducted us in exotic locations when he was presenting his research about the flags and the coat of arms of French overseas territories.

The Russian vexillologist (naturalized Irish )Stanislav Zamyatin and, the Catalan expert Sebastiá Herreros closed the conference.

If you want to add something or publish your experience contact us!




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